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Global Data Center Maintenance - Los Angeles & New York
Scheduled Maintenance Report for Bandwidth
The scheduled maintenance has been completed.
Posted Feb 08, 2023 - 07:00 EST
In progress
Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.
Posted Feb 08, 2023 - 03:00 EST
Bandwidth will be performing scheduled maintenance in the Global Los Angeles and New York data centers to update voice software.

As a part of the maintenance, with the intent of minimizing impact to voice services, Bandwidth will be removing voice traffic from the Global Los Angeles and New York data centers, redirecting traffic to geo-redundant global data centers. As a result, while voice services will be uninterrupted for the duration of the maintenance, customers may observe their traffic being routed to/from them through our geo-redundant global data centers.
Posted Feb 07, 2023 - 10:30 EST
This scheduled maintenance affected: Canada Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Canada (SIP)), Dominican Republic Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Dominican Republic (SIP)), Argentina Calling Services (Inbound Calling- Argentina, Outbound Calling- Argentina), Brazil Calling Services (Inbound Calling- Brazil), Chile Calling Services (Inbound Calling- Chile), Colombia Calling Services (Inbound Calling- Colombia), El Salvador Calling Services (Inbound Calling- El Salvador), Panama Calling Services (Inbound Calling- Panama), Peru Calling Services (Inbound Calling- Peru, Outbound Calling- Peru), Austria Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Austria, Outbound Calling - Austria, Emergency Calling - Austria), Belgium Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Belgium, Outbound Calling - Belgium, Emergency Calling - Belgium), France Calling Services (Inbound Calling - France, Outbound Calling - France, Emergency Calling - France), Germany Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Germany, Outbound Calling - Germany, Emergency Calling - Germany), Luxembourg Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Luxembourg, Outbound Calling - Luxembourg, Emergency Calling - Luxembourg), Netherlands Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Neatherlands, Outbound Calling - Netherlands, Emergency Calling - Netherlands), Switzerland Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Switzerland, Outbound Calling - Switzerland, Emergency Calling - Switzerland), Croatia Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Croatia, Outbound Calling - Croatia, Emergency Calling - Croatia), Greece Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Greece, Outbound Calling - Greece, Emergency Calling - Greece), Italy Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Italy, Outbound Calling - Italy, Emergency Calling - Italy), Malta Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Malta), Portugal Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Portugal, Outbound Calling - Portugal, Emergency Calling - Portugal), Slovenia Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Slovenia, Outbound Calling- Slovenia, Emergency Calling- Slovenia), Spain Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Spain, Outbound Calling - Spain, Emergency Calling - Spain), Bulgaria Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Bulgaria, Outbound Calling - Bulgaria, Emergency Calling - Bulgaria), Georgia Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Georgia), Czech Republic Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Czech Republic, Outbound Calling - Czech Republic, Emergency Calling - Czech Republic), Hungary Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Hungary, Outbound Calling - Hungary, Emergency Calling - Hungary), Poland Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Poland, Outbound Calling - Poland, Emergency Calling - Poland), Romania Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Romania, Outbound Calling - Romania, Emergency Calling - Romania), Slovakia Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Slovakia, Outbound Calling - Slovakia, Emergency Calling - Slovakia), Denmark Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Denmark, Outbound Calling - Denmark, Emergency Calling - Denmark), Estonia Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Estonia, Outbound Calling - Estonia, Emergency Calling - Estonia), Finland Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Finland, Outbound Calling - Finland, Emergency Calling - Finland), Ireland Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Ireland, Outbound Calling - Ireland, Emergency Calling - Ireland), Latvia Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Latvia, Outbound Calling - Latvia, Emergency Calling - Latvia), Lithuania Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Lithuania, Outbound Calling - Lithuania, Emergency Calling - Lithuania), Norway Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Norway, Outbound Calling - Norway, Emergency Calling -Norway), Sweden Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Sweden, Outbound Calling - Sweden, Emergency Calling - Sweden), United Kingdom Calling Services (Inbound Calling - United Kingdom, Outbound Calling - United Kingdom, Emergency Calling - United Kingdom), Mexico Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Mexico), Puerto Rico Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Puerto Rico, Outbound Calling - Puerto Rico, Emergency Calling - Puerto Rico), Virgin Islands (U.S.) Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Virgin Islands (U.S.), Emergency Calling - Virgin Islands (U.S.)), Cyprus Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Cyprus, Outbound Calling - Cyprus, Emergency Calling - Cyprus), Egypt Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Egypt), Israel Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Israel, Outbound Calling - Israel, Emergency Calling - Israel), Jordan Calling Services (Inbound Calling- Jordan), Kenya Calling Services (Inbound Calling- Kenya), Qatar Calling Services (Inbound Calling- Qatar), South Africa Calling Services (Inbound Calling- South Africa), United Arab Emirates Calling Services (Inbound Calling- United Arab Emirates), Australia Calling Services (Inbound Calling- Australia, Outbound Calling- Australia, Emergency Calling- Australia), China Calling Services (Inbound Calling- China), Hong Kong Calling Services (Inbound Calling- Hong Kong, Outbound Calling- Hong Kong, Emergency Calling- Hong Kong), India Calling Services (Inbound Calling- India), Indonesia Calling Services (Inbound Calling- Indonesia), Japan Calling Services (Inbound Calling- Japan, Outbound Calling- Japan, Emergency Calling- Japan), Malaysia Calling Services (Inbound Calling- Malaysia), Philippines Calling Service (Inbound Calling- Philippines), Singapore Calling Services (Inbound Calling- Singapore, Outbound Calling- Singapore, Emergency Calling- Singapore), South Korea Calling Services (Inbound Calling- South Korea, Outbound Calling- South Korea), and Thailand Calling Services (Inbound Calling- Thailand).