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Global Data Center Maintenance - Australia
Scheduled Maintenance Report for Bandwidth
The scheduled maintenance has been completed.
Posted Nov 06, 2023 - 12:00 EST
In progress
Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary.
Posted Nov 06, 2023 - 09:00 EST
Bandwidth will be performing scheduled maintenance in the Australia data center.

As a part of the maintenance, with the intent of minimizing impact to voice services, Bandwidth will be removing voice traffic from the Australia data center, redirecting traffic to geo-redundant global data centers. As a result of the traffic removal, customers may observe their voice traffic being routed to/from them through our geo-redundant global data centers. Customers connecting directly to the Australia data center may also elect to proactively re-route their traffic to our geo-redundant data centers to avoid any possible disruption to services.
Posted Oct 24, 2023 - 11:44 EDT
This scheduled maintenance affected: Canada Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Canada (SIP)), Dominican Republic Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Dominican Republic (SIP)), Argentina Calling Services (Inbound Calling- Argentina, Outbound Calling- Argentina), Brazil Calling Services (Inbound Calling- Brazil), Chile Calling Services (Inbound Calling- Chile), Colombia Calling Services (Inbound Calling- Colombia), El Salvador Calling Services (Inbound Calling- El Salvador), Panama Calling Services (Inbound Calling- Panama), Peru Calling Services (Inbound Calling- Peru, Outbound Calling- Peru), Austria Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Austria, Outbound Calling - Austria, Emergency Calling - Austria), Belgium Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Belgium, Outbound Calling - Belgium, Emergency Calling - Belgium), France Calling Services (Inbound Calling - France, Outbound Calling - France, Emergency Calling - France), Germany Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Germany, Outbound Calling - Germany, Emergency Calling - Germany), Luxembourg Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Luxembourg, Outbound Calling - Luxembourg, Emergency Calling - Luxembourg), Netherlands Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Neatherlands, Outbound Calling - Netherlands, Emergency Calling - Netherlands), Switzerland Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Switzerland, Outbound Calling - Switzerland, Emergency Calling - Switzerland), Croatia Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Croatia, Outbound Calling - Croatia, Emergency Calling - Croatia), Greece Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Greece, Outbound Calling - Greece, Emergency Calling - Greece), Italy Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Italy, Outbound Calling - Italy, Emergency Calling - Italy), Malta Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Malta), Portugal Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Portugal, Outbound Calling - Portugal, Emergency Calling - Portugal), Slovenia Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Slovenia, Outbound Calling- Slovenia, Emergency Calling- Slovenia), Spain Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Spain, Outbound Calling - Spain, Emergency Calling - Spain), Bulgaria Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Bulgaria, Outbound Calling - Bulgaria, Emergency Calling - Bulgaria), Georgia Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Georgia), Czech Republic Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Czech Republic, Outbound Calling - Czech Republic, Emergency Calling - Czech Republic), Hungary Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Hungary, Outbound Calling - Hungary, Emergency Calling - Hungary), Poland Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Poland, Outbound Calling - Poland, Emergency Calling - Poland), Romania Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Romania, Outbound Calling - Romania, Emergency Calling - Romania), Slovakia Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Slovakia, Outbound Calling - Slovakia, Emergency Calling - Slovakia), Denmark Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Denmark, Outbound Calling - Denmark, Emergency Calling - Denmark), Estonia Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Estonia, Outbound Calling - Estonia, Emergency Calling - Estonia), Finland Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Finland, Outbound Calling - Finland, Emergency Calling - Finland), Ireland Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Ireland, Outbound Calling - Ireland, Emergency Calling - Ireland), Latvia Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Latvia, Outbound Calling - Latvia, Emergency Calling - Latvia), Lithuania Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Lithuania, Outbound Calling - Lithuania, Emergency Calling - Lithuania), Norway Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Norway, Outbound Calling - Norway, Emergency Calling -Norway), Sweden Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Sweden, Outbound Calling - Sweden, Emergency Calling - Sweden), United Kingdom Calling Services (Inbound Calling - United Kingdom, Outbound Calling - United Kingdom, Emergency Calling - United Kingdom), Mexico Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Mexico), Puerto Rico Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Puerto Rico, Outbound Calling - Puerto Rico, Emergency Calling - Puerto Rico), Virgin Islands (U.S.) Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Virgin Islands (U.S.), Emergency Calling - Virgin Islands (U.S.)), Cyprus Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Cyprus, Outbound Calling - Cyprus, Emergency Calling - Cyprus), Egypt Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Egypt), Israel Calling Services (Inbound Calling - Israel, Outbound Calling - Israel, Emergency Calling - Israel), Jordan Calling Services (Inbound Calling- Jordan), Kenya Calling Services (Inbound Calling- Kenya), Qatar Calling Services (Inbound Calling- Qatar), South Africa Calling Services (Inbound Calling- South Africa), United Arab Emirates Calling Services (Inbound Calling- United Arab Emirates), Australia Calling Services (Inbound Calling- Australia, Outbound Calling- Australia, Emergency Calling- Australia), China Calling Services (Inbound Calling- China), Hong Kong Calling Services (Inbound Calling- Hong Kong, Outbound Calling- Hong Kong, Emergency Calling- Hong Kong), India Calling Services (Inbound Calling- India), Indonesia Calling Services (Inbound Calling- Indonesia), Japan Calling Services (Inbound Calling- Japan, Outbound Calling- Japan, Emergency Calling- Japan), Malaysia Calling Services (Inbound Calling- Malaysia), Philippines Calling Service (Inbound Calling- Philippines), Singapore Calling Services (Inbound Calling- Singapore, Outbound Calling- Singapore, Emergency Calling- Singapore), South Korea Calling Services (Inbound Calling- South Korea, Outbound Calling- South Korea), and Thailand Calling Services (Inbound Calling- Thailand).